The American Bag Company A Signature American Industries, Inc. Company, is a premier supplier of custom printed bags and packaging worldwide. However, our core market areas are the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. Our Company’s strongest products still consist of custom printed and manufactured bottom gusset zip pouches, side gusset foil valve bags, polylined paper tin tie bags and more recently the quad seal flat or box bottom bags serving the specialty food and gourmet coffee industry.

Aside from our producing almost any custom bag or pouch structure our Company produces custom printed all film or foil roll stock for vertical-form-fill-seal equipment as well as custom labels for our in-stock bottom gusset zipper pouches, in-stock side gusset foil coffee bags and in-stock polylined paper tin tie bags. Further, we produce custom twisted-paper-handle shopping bags, custom flat retail merchandise bags, custom bread bags, custom takeout bags, custom retail folding boxes, custom PE die cut handle trade show bags and most recently custom printed marijuana and/or cannabis medical and recreational retail bags which includes what we believe is the lowest cost certified Dispensary or Retail Store EXIT Pouches meeting Consumer Product Safety Commission protocol CFR Title 16 Part 1700.20.

Our strong customer base includes, but is not limited to, many leading U.S coffee roasters, retailers, brokers, distributors, gourmet bakeries, pet bakeries, cookie and candy companies to gourmet foods of all kinds.

The American Bag Company continuously challenges our designers and mangers in manufacturing to create new and improved custom printed bags and packaging with the environment in mind. The American Bag Company understands price vs. quality and further understands our customers expectations for their packaging and the importance of Brand Recognition. Our organization will help guide customers through their design, concept and/or branding on to manufacturing and final deliver of their custom packaging at the lowest possible price based on the customer’s needs.