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5 Rules for Successful Packaging

Product Packaging is undoubtedly one of the most important parts in making a sale. Many customers decide which product to purchase within 3 seconds, and the main factor in that is packaging!  Having attractive, yet high quality packaging is a must for any company to be competitive in the market place.

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  Here are a few tips to help in maximizing your designs and how to grow your business! 

According to Forbes, product packaging should pass these 5 key tests to do well in the marketplace.

  1. Stand out
    1. Packaging should be as original as possible. It should set your brand apart from others and be recognizable.
  2. Be Simple
    1. Designs should be simple, straight, and to the point. They shouldn't confuse the customer as to what they are buying. Many products out there try to draw attention to themselves with bright colors or logos, so our eyes are drawn to the simplistic ones when we see them. (This can help with rule one, by the way.)
  3. Pass the "Five Year Old" Test
    1. This one, again, plays into the first two rules. If you can't send a child to the store and them find your product, then you should probably rethink your design. If you told a kid to get the cookies with the elf on it, there's a good chance they will come back with Keebler cookies.
    2. This helps consumers find your product, and they will look for it every time they go to the market.
  4. Create an Emotional Engagement
    1. Consumers want to feel something for the product they are purchasing. Creating a feeling with your branding is essential to people coming back to your product. If someone has fond memories of your product, they will keep buying it.
    2. Forbes also adds
      "When someone looks at you, you’re compelled to look back to determine the nature of the attraction. That’s your survival instinct at work. For this reason, there’s nothing more powerful in packaging than eye contact. The next time you’re in an aisle, notice how many packages bear photos of people that don’t make direct eye contact; they’re looking away, or slightly past you."
      Eye contact can also be a powerful motivator, it seems.
  5. Create Iconic Assets
    1. Creating something that people remember is key to building and keeping your brand. Coke is the master of this. When you see that logo you know exactly what you are buying. The red background and rounded logo scream Coke and it would seem out of place to see that logo on a different color, or another drink using something similar.

As always, we here at The American Bag Company can produce custom product packaging with your brand or logo. We can help you get your product to market fast with Digital Printed Packaging made right here in the USA! We also offer other methods such as Flexography (Flexo) or Rotogravure. In addition to full blown packaging bags, we also offer custom printed Labels.

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