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Leading Producer of Custom Digital Print Bags and Pouches in North America!

American Bag - Digital Print is the best for American made Bags.

Digital Print

Newer Short Run Digital Print is done with the HP 20000; Which is actually a $1,100,000 laser printing press that prints all your art in the CMYK color model. This process produces a photo quality print which is then laminate and can be converted to as few as 5,000 bags and pouches. We will give your design the gourmet look it deserves – and make that SALE!

Why Digital Print?

U.S. based production within 30 days after Proof Approval.
Digital printing is ideal for short run flexible packaging. Digital Printing allows us to produce packaging much faster. Which in turn helps you get your product to the market faster! Getting ahead of the competition is key, and American Bag’s U.S. based Digital Print services you’ll have your packaging before you know it!

Other Products and Services!

Gravure Print

The durable nature of the printing cylinders used makes gravure printing an ideal process for providing high quality print on very long or regularly repeating runs, delivering cost advantages over other processes.

American Bag - Rotogravure Printing in action! Digital Print also offered!

Flexographic Print

Flexographic Print is our most common custom print on paper in the U.S. for mainly production of the polylined paper tin tie bags. Flexo print has come a long way in quality print in custom bags. We also stock standard sizes in plain Natural Kraft and White Claycoat. We offer bags for any business, non-profit, or organization!

American Bag and it’s parent company, Signature American Industries, Inc. are dedicated to serving the Gourmet food and packaging industry large and small. Contact us for more information!

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